Equipment maintenance


Before the first use knife should be rubbed with sharp sponge soaked in detergent, rinsed and wiped.  Then,    WD-40 or edible oil should be applied. After every dive knife should be rinsed with water and wiped.


The suit should always be worn wet or with a shower gel.

After the dive the suit should be rinsed with water, soaked in water for at  least one our, and then dried off in the shadow (away from sun). Smaller neoprene equipment (gloves, socks...) should be rinsed with water after every dive.


-Handle with care

-Wear with water and soap

-Watch out for nails

-Use the flat hand

"SKIN" Wetsuit Maintenance and Storage

Rinse your wetsuit accessories with clean water after each use.

Let dry on a thick hanger in a warm room away from the sun.

Talcum powder neoprene during winter storage.

Never leave a garment too long folded into a dive bag.

Never expose neoprene accessories near a heat source.

It is not recommended to use these products in pools.

Do not exceed 6 months between inspections of wetsuit accessories .

We are not  responsible for repairs or modifications of your wetsuit accessories.

The Diving clothing can be cleaned with a suitable detergent:it removes microorganisms from the marine environment.

Best to wash them in a basin or tub with a little detergent and cold water or lukewarm and then a rinsing with plain water and drying. Then think about your store unfolded combination.


Leave the mask in the dishwasher for 30 minutes.

Dry the inner side of the glass by lighter flame. Do it briefly, do not burn the silicone part.

Use water to clean dark residue from the glass made by flame.

Wipe the glass.

Apply 2 mm layer of toothpaste on inner side of the glass and leave it on for an hour. Use only smooth toothpaste, without polishing additives.

Wash the toothpaste away and wait for the mask to dry off.

The mask is ready for the dive.


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