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„If you put your finger in the sea, you're connected to the whole world“

This old proverb shows the kind of relationship that the man and the sea have always had. I would like to add: "Dive into the sea and you will be connected to the whole world and with yourself."

The sea and its depths captivated me since my childhood; my adoration deepened when I arrived at the coasts of the Adriatic, led down some strange paths of my life. The sea would sweep the fatigue away, bringing the relaxation and the infinite sense of happiness.

To dive, meant to be released and left in a state of weightlessness, brought by this medium.

Everyone who ever dived knows well that diving in the sea is not the same as diving in the fresh water. Not only is the body lighter because of the amount of salt in the water, but also the sense of freedom is undoubtedly greater in the immenseness of the sea. Since the dawn of time, we were able to enjoy the seafood, and in my case the sea has put together my two great passions.

Diving and food. Freedom and pleasure. Hunter and the hunted.

Being a culinary chef was not a choice for me. It was a calling; the profession chose me. The calling that, after all these years, brings me almost irreplaceable pleasure. And the sea was selflessly giving food. Therefore, in one single medium I got both - in the sea and out of the sea.

A few years ago, I started collaborating with Epsealon that has been held to date. In the medium where humans did not adapt like other sea creatures that have gills, scales, dorsal and caudal fins and skin adapted to the sea, it is necessary to have a replacement. That is what I found in Epsealon wetsuits, fins and spearguns. The wetsuit becomes a second skin and the fins allow that unforgettable feeling of diving into the blue, while caring the speargun turns a man into a hunter in a blink of an eye.

Spearfishing is in my opinion, the last “fair play” of hunting because both, the hunter and the catch have equal chances and the hunter has to show the best human side… to hunt what is allowed, big game hunting. In doing so, we will be able to preserve and to pass on the sea, which we inherited from our ancestors, to our descendants. After all, the sea has never been ours in the first place.

By diving in Epsealon wetsuits, you may never become top divers, fishermen or excellent chefs, but you will be given a chance to make a first step towards an interesting journey. Even the longest journey starts with the first step.


The sea, spearfishing and the equipment have helped me to put together two of my greatest passions and, in doing so, to end a circle. The circle that goes from diving into the freedom of seabed to enjoying in seafood. Enjoying in the fruits of your own catch, prepared with love.

To end a circle – that may be the most important thing in life. Someone once said: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” That is the meaning of the word apnea, cessation of breathing.

The passion for the sea and food I passed on to my daughter Tiana and we embarked on this family underwater adventure in
“Neo Carbone” together. By choosing only the best equipment, we aim to transfer our fascination by the sea to the others and take you to the magic of a pleasant and safe dive, regardless of whether you are a top diver or just a beginner in love with the sea.

Dive in and the sea will leave you breathless, literally and metaphorically speaking.


Stephan Macchi

 Neo Carbone 
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